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Heart Soul Retreat are yoga and cultural adventures hosted by Grace and Katrina around the world. Each location speaks to our heart and feeds our soul. Born out of a true love for travel, exploration and adventure, we want you to join us in experiencing the places that have moved us, challenged us, and fed us. These are places that make us feel at HOME. 

We believe that seeing the world heightens our senses and our awareness, deepens our connection to ourselves, others and the planet, and gives us an appreciation for the human experience. These journeys deepen our perspective, test our limits, teach us about overcoming obstacles, while immersed in rich culture and history. Our lives are enriched.


About Grace and Katrina

Grace and Katrina met during a teacher training in 2011 and became fast friends. Sisters at heart, we share a love of yoga, laughs, food, travel and nature and are always looking for life's next adventure.

Grace is a true global citizen, born and raised in Lisbon, and relocated to Canada with her family in 1997. She discovered yoga in 2002 while studying at McGill University in Montreal, and has been teaching since 2006, first in Toronto and currently in her home city of New York. Grace's studies and work cross a range of styles and community efforts.  To learn more about Grace visit her website.

Katrina is an East Coast Canadian at heart, living and working in the city of Toronto.  Always philosophically curious, Katrina began practicing at studying yoga in 2009 and has been teaching in Toronto since 2011.  Katrina's curiosity of people, the body, mind, nature and the world continues to inspire her practice and desire to explore.  Katrina has a passion for food - both eating and cooking.  You will often find her on retreat in the kitchen preparing group meals, creating and exploring with flavors and ingredients. Katrina is also a Shaitsu therapist and consults small businesses and owners, usually in Wellness, supporting their efforts to be more efficient, balanced, mindful and productive. 

Grace and Katrina at peace in Portugal.

Grace and Katrina at peace in Portugal.